Akathisia Alliance for Education and Research

We are nonprofit organization run by people who have survived akathisia. The funds raised through our shop will be used to help end medication-induced suicide and violence.

About the Akathisia Alliance Fundraising Shop

Thank you for visiting the Akathisia Alliance nonprofit organization's fundraising shop. Our products were designed to spread awareness of akathisia so fewer people will experience this torturous condition that has led to a suicide epidemic.

All funds raised through our shop will be used to help put an end to this life-threatening medication side effect.

To learn more about akathisia and better understand the importance of our work, please visit us at akathisiaalliance.org.

Our Products

There are two designs to choose from. Each is available in a unisex SoftStyle T-shirt, long sleeve T-shirt, crew neck sweatshirt and hoodie. These items are made from high quality, soft materials, and there are many colors to choose from.

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